Registration for 2014 Deception Pass will open sometime in July. Watch Rainshadow emails for more info!


The entrants lists for both the 50k and the 25k can be found at the ultra signup page for the race

2013 50k Waitlist
2013 25k Waitlist

A few words about the waiting list...

The plan is to start moving runners from the waiting list two weeks before the race. The number of runners who will get in will be based on how many runners have already told us they are not going to run and a guess based on past races of how many last minute no shows there will be. For this race I'm guessing the top 10-15 runners from each distance on the waiting list will get in.  The runners who are selected to enter the race from the waiting list will be sent an email that gives them the option to either accept the invitation, have their card billed for the entry fee and be added to the entrants list or they can decline which will not result in any charges and they will be removed from the waiting list.