Registration for 2014 Deception Pass will open sometime in July. Watch Rainshadow emails for more info!


Both courses have lots of turns to try to keep the map from being bombarded with little arrows I've numbered each of the "lollipops". If you do each lollipop in the order as they are numbered you'll follow the course in the correct sequence. Below each map is the full turn by turn course description. The course will be marked very clearly on race day but carrying the map and course description is always a good idea as is familiarizing yourself with the route ahead of time.  The map of the park(#41S) is made by Greentrails Maps and can be purchased online or at a Seattle area outdoor store or the Deception Pass State Park has a really good map for sale as well.  

25k elevation profile

50k elevation profile

50k Course Description

Aid Stations: There will be 2 aid stations for the 25k (both at Bowman Bay) at mile 5.5 and mile 7.3 and there will be 5 aid stations for the 50k (1st two at Bowman Bay and the last 3 at Cornet Bay) at miles 5.5, 7.3, 14.6, 21.4, 28.2.  

Cutoff Time: 4:00 pm (8 hours) for the 50k and 1:00pm (5 hours) for the 25k
For the 50k cutoffs will be enforced at 10am at mile 7.3 and at mile 28.2 at 3:15pm.
For the 25k cutoffs will be enforced at 10:30 at mile 7.3

Drop Bags:  50k runners can have drop bags at Bowman Bay and Cornet Bay. No drop bags for the 25k.